Environmental Issues

Energy and Environmental Policy Statement

Stölzle Glass Group is aware that the energy and materials used and the products and services offered, all have the potential to harm the environment.

Stölzle takes environmental issues seriously and to demonstrate the commitment Stölzle shall continually monitor processes and emissions from processes in order to identify, minimise and eradicate wasted uses of energy, in particular energy from fossil fuel sources, reducing and eliminating unnecessary use wherever possible while also reducing harmful emissions, which contribute to climate change via the greenhouse effect. Per year the Glass Group uses almost 80.000 tons of recycled glass by adding cullets to the batches. This means that 80.000 tons of raw materials are substituted by recycled glass which results in an annual reduction of almost 25 % of gas needed to melt the batches.

Stölzle will minimise and segregate waste wherever possible to facilitate recycling of waste materials.

Stölzle shall use recyclable materials where practicable and as the end product and all packaging used is recyclable, Stölzle shall record this fact on its packaging, making its customers aware of the commitment to the environment and ensuring they are aware of the recyclable nature of Stölzle’s products.

Stölzle will ensure to comply with legislation both on a European and national level: The Group will also actively participate in shaping future environmental legislation, through communication with national and European lawmakers, both directly and through trade associations.

Energy Policy

The energy policy is part of the STÖLZLE Management System. It is defined in compliance with the company corporate principles and the requirements of the ISO 50001. As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly glass containers it is an important part of the corporate policy to admit to the basic elements of the ISO 50001 and to implement the requirements.

Energy Policy as PDF file

Certification ISO 50001


STO supports „Friends of Glass“

The European Federation of Container Glass Industry (FEVE) is an international non-profit organisation with its members spread over 23 European countries. Representing internationally the container glass industry, FEVE commits itself in finding solutions for various glass related problems and promotes the usage of glass packaging as well as the recycling of glass.

The initiative “friends of glass” aims to promote the advantages for health and environment related to usage and recycling of glass.

Using glass can make your life better and transform the world in a better place to live in. Your decision counts. Join us and become a Friend of glass.



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